Towards a quality education for all in times of sanitary emergency

Apply before 31st October 2021

The 2021 edition is dedicated to the innovative and inclusive use of new technologies for a quality education during the Covid-19 emergency. In this sense, Goal n°4 of the Agenda 2030 is interpreted with respect to the pandemic situation that schools all over the world are experiencing. Schools, students, organizations, start-ups, associations, universities and citizens from all over the world can apply by presenting or reporting the projects that during the pandemic have been able to combine innovation and quality of education with inclusion, actively involving families and different actors of the territory.

Projects can be submitted within the following categories:

  • Education up to 10 year olds
  • Education up to 15 year olds
  • Education up to 18 year olds
  • Education up to 29 year olds
  • Integration of youths in the job market

Only ongoing or recently-concluded projects are allowed to apply. Project ideas will not be taken into consideration.

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How to apply


Application reserved to italian schools "Tullio De Mauro Award to the School that Innovates and Includes" – Apply before 31st October 2021

Contest reserved to italian schools: school teachers and directors can apply to the special award Tullio De Mauro. The challenge is divided in two categories.

Teachers’ Award

The challenge is addressed to the teachers that stand out for an innovative and inclusive education. The teacher is not required to apply with a project, but with his history as educator, specifying his/her commitment, innovation and determination linked to the new problems of the school context in which s/he works every day. They are asked to submit their CV, a description of how they dealt with the Covid-19 emergency with their students, and a brief description of how they intend to re-imagine education in the years to come.

School Director’s Award

The challenge is open to school directors, who can apply by sending a presentation illustrating their vision of an innovative and inclusive school and the results achieved so far. In the application, school directors are seen as representatives and leaders of the innovative and inclusive goals, pursued and achieved by the entire educating communities they represent. School directors are also asked to tell how they faced the pandemicin their schools, and the biggest challenge they foresee the future.


The Jury

The jury is carefully selected by Fondazione Mondo Digitale among members of the institutions and of the education system. It evaluates remotely the projects and applications of school teachers and directors, deciding the finalists. The first projects in each category win the opportunity to participate to the final event of the Global Junior Challenge 2021, held in Rome, on 20-22 October 2021. Each finalist will be able to meet the public, through a dedicated stand in a large exhibition area. At the end of this first selection, the jury, coordinated by a designated president, will publish a final consideration on the results, naming the winners. The event ends with the awarding ceremony in the Giulio Cesare Hall in Campidoglio (tbc), with the presence of the institutions.

How to apply 


For any doubt concerning the elegibility of your project, send us an email at or contact us by telephone: +39 06 42014109.