Premio speciale Tullio De Mauro

"Tullio De Mauro Award to the School that Innovates e Includes" is dedicated to the emeritus professor Tullio De Mauro (Torre Annunziata, 1932 - Rome, 2017), who led the Fondazione Mondo Digitale for ten years. It aims at remembering the civil effort of the Master, continuing his activity and, at the same, it valorises the precious role of school directors and teachers who work constantly for an inclusive and quality education. The Foundation will accepts both spontaneous applications from many professionals who care about the Italian school and who are committed every day to improve it, but also reports from colleagues, parents, students, and the entire educational community on their territory.

Tullio De Mauro award to the innovative teacher

The challenge is addressed to the teachers that stand out for an innovative and inclusive education. The teacher is not required to apply with a project, but with his history as educator, specifying his/her commitment, innovation and determination in relation to the new challenges of the school context in which s/he works every day. They are asked to submit their CV, a description of how they dealt with the Covid-19 emergency with their students, and a brief description of how they intend to re-imagine education in the years to come.


Tullio De Mauro award to the innovative school director

The challenge is open to school directors, who can apply by sending a presentation illustrating their vision of an innovative and inclusive school and the results achieved so far. In the application, school directors are seen as representatives and leaders of the innovative and inclusive goals, pursued and achieved by the entire educating communities they represent. School directors are also asked to tell how they faced the pandemic in their schools, and the biggest challenge they foresee the future.

The jury selects the finalists among those school teachers who better interpreted the "School according to De Mauro": accessible, inclusive, quality, open to the territory, and awards the winner.


Tullio De Mauro and Alfonso Molina discussing about education and educational systems.