Maths to Play Continues to Win

The Maths to play Project, created by the liceo classico Duni in Matera (Italy) and the Lycée Classique in Diekirch (Luxembourg), proposes a new, non-traditional approach to mathematics: students learn not only by playing, but also by reflecting on the deeper meaning of this discipline. How?

In an interview, teacher and project coordinator Maria Teresa Asprella, provides a concrete example. During the past months, the students of the Liceo Duni have been working on the biographies of the great Italian mathematicians to discover that …


Listen to the interview: 


The motivation given at the presentation of the Special President of the Republic Award for projects by Italian schools: the project represents a didactic answer to the challenge of promoting technical and scientific knowledge amongst students of the European Union, promoting international twinnings and providing on-line fun didactic activities.