Learning by Playing

Learning by Playing, the didactic Physics lab, organised at the Istituto tecnico tecnologico Guglielmo Marconi in Catania and coordinated by Professor Lucia Alba Rapisarda, will participate in the Global Junior Challenge in the "Education up to 15 years old" Category.


The course is based on the creation of a physics experiment with easy to find materials that allows experiments to be replicated with friends, families and acquaintances, turning the students into ambassadors of scientific passion to promote a greater diffusion of scientific culture.


The project was conceived to attract students to scientific subjects and involve them in hands-on experiments, transforming theories into practice and allowing students to enjoy the magic that transforms symbols and equations into reality.


In the lab, students are the protagonists. They develop, conduct and interpret the experiment results, activities that are very efficient to promote both learning and communication. Moreover, the high emotional content of these activities stimulates the pleasure for science and scientific research, a necessary condition to attract young men and women to knowledge and technological application.