Gymnastics for the Mind

IIS Pepe Calamo in Ostuni will participate in the Global Junior Challenge with Project Roboticsness. Gymnasium Mentis in the “Up to 18 years old” Category.


The Leis Classroom, which is the only Lego Classroom in Puglia, is organised as a double learning environment – both virtual and real – to provide a solution to the educational needs of high school students and prevent demotivation and high school dropouts.


The process of change underway in Italian school is modifying the teacher/learning and makes it necessary to re-examine all the tools, methodologies and environments that allow students to acquire competences in subjects and transversally, maturing life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, curiosity and leadership.


Over 2014-17, the project achieved significant results in terms of attendance, school results, gender equality and improvement of studies and competences related to STEM subjects for young women.


“Roboticsness” has been inserted within a larger school project, the “Roots and Wings” (PTOF Pepe Calamo, 2016/2017) for orientation, as well as the organisation of extracurricular labs in middle school.