Kitchen Innovation

One of the international projects participating in the  Global Junior Challenge addresses an innovative food revolution. In fact, one of the projects competing in the challenge to promote the best technological solutions for social objectives is Kitchen Magic / International Flavors developed by the Canada TakingITGlobal Organisation.


The Project Coordinator, Cindea Hung, who already participated in the 2012 and 2015 editions, has decided to compete again with her students.



The project is based on the exchange experience of the food sharing and create different flavors with the ingredients they can get. The collaborated schools are from different projects. During the school visit trips to Colombia, Turkey and Italy, the students were encouraged to develop kitchen skills with their own way by the direction of their parents and teachers. From food revolution to food innovation. Amongst the students there are future doctors, pharmacists and nurses with duties in terms of food.


Besides being a healthy pleasure and source of creativity, food also represents an important “language” for making friends and overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers through foods, recipes and cultural curiosities.


Moreover, Cindea has developed a brief video with the music of a famous Taiwanese artist that strongly motivated the team!


Best of luck! 



The registration deadline for the 8th edition of the Global Junior Challenge, which is free and open to anyone, is September 20, 2017.