Bar No One

Project Nessuno escluso (Bar No One) by IIS Federico Caffè in Rome is coordinated by Prof. Claudio Marchesano and dedicated to students with special needs and foreign students. The objective is to promote learning with custom-tailored video lessons.


Every student has a personal web space with mathematics video lessons, multimedia material with links to colourful images that explain mathematics in a simple and fun manner, custom-tailored exercises and trial tests.


The web space is a point reference for students, their teachers and families for the study of mathematics. All the material is available to every student to improve didactics for everyone, including foreign students and students with special needs.


The portal can be modified by students and teachers to promote greater collaboration and inclusion, as well as coding and website development skills, learning to use Word Press, Weebly and HTML.


In the video: "flipped teacher " explains how the students insisted on participating in the 8th edition of the Global Junior Challenge.