Award Ceremony at Campidoglio, GJC 2015, October 30

Reseau d’écoles RobotiCamp, Campus Lab – RobotiCamp, Corsica - Up to 10 Years Old Category Classe BYOD, IC Parco della Vittoria, Rome - Up to 15 Years Old Category A tie between Teachers Aid – Students helping teachers with new technology, Liceo Scientifico e Linguistico in Ceccano; Get Ready, Nathalie Tekam, Cameroon - Up to 18 Years Old Category Ardufonino, Davide Aloisi, Rome - Up to 29 Years Old Category A tie between 3/Fun design, Talking It Global, Taiwan; FabriQ, City of Milan - ICT for Introduction of Youth to the Job Market Category Climate for Children, FON University, Macedonia - ICT per for Sustainable Environmental Development Category A Mundzuku Ka Hina, Associazione Basilicata Mozambico, Basilicata, - ICT for the Integration of Migrants and Refugees A tie between iEarn, iEarn Italia, Terni and Augmented Reality as a Learning Environment, Maidu Varick, Estonia - Applications for Civic and Social Innovation Category. The 500-euro prize for Most Innovative Teacher was presented to Alfonso D’Ambrosio, Professor at the IIS Kennedy School in Monsalice (Padova) and Daniele Dattrino, Professor at the  IIS Manetti School in Grosseto. The President of the Republic Award for the most innovative Italian school was presented to IIS A. Castigliano from Asti. The Small Fund Award that finances projects in the poorest areas of the world was awarded to Project Defy: Design Education for Yourself from India. Moreover, the 500-euro prize of the International Hackathon for Social Innovation was awarded to Team Farmdep from the IIS Copernico School in Pomezia with their Road to Jubilee App