Organic Garden Dream

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Blackboard Collaborate
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We asked for free VC room support from Blackboard Collaborate only. They are willing to help us. It is very difficult to ask for help, and there are more people need help in the world. Ours is volunteer work, the participants should know it and are willing to do it themselves.
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ICT per la sostenibilità ambientale
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We use ICT to connect youth from the world through organic garden projects to reduce and reuse leftovers for compost and rebirth in our organic garden to solve environmental issue, food shortage, and teach people to live healthily. We connected more teachers, students and the communities to work on our organic dream. Here is our project main idea: and work report after GJC 2009
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Use ICT to connect the youth and spread our organic dream to the world for protecting our only Earth. In 2006, Abel Machado School from Brazil started organic garden project. It is Elluminate Fire and Ice project. In 2008, Burkina Faso got the award of Elluminate Fire And Ice. eClassroom-in-a-box after Brazil. In 2008 Sep., we started a new team: Taiwan, Mali, Turkey, Israel, Indonesia, Japan, Uzbekistan, Solomon, and Cuba. Due to the financial issue, Elluminate Fire and Ice no longer provided any classroom-in-a-box, but they still gave us free VC room. We were a brand new team, continued their project and developed. At the beginning, I was Asia-Pacific coordinator, worked with Stace Wills, Ellumninate Fire and Ice global coordinator. In Feb 2009, My friend Claude, from France would visit Cuba. It's a good opportunity to connect Cuba. Cuba team only had snail mails, Stace provided the equipments for VC by himself, and Claude tried his best to help this first Live Event. With the help from French Alliance and Embassy, we challenged this impossible mission for over a week. Finally, we met on line and wrote the history. It was a project of ICT connecting rural and underprivileged communities at the beginning. All we have is a free VC room. In 2009 after GJC, I was in charge of this project. I started to invite Sounkalo from Mali to be my co-host. In 2010, I invited eTwinning Ambassador Eric to be my second co-host. He built a website for us. and helped me a lot on project promotion. In 2010, Elluminate was sold to Blackboard, and Stace left Elluminate. I asked the new company for free VC room support. We are like an orphan, if we can not get free VC support, we can not afford it, and how can we continue this ICT directing collaboration? Fortunately, Global Education Conference founder, Steve Hargadon from Blackboard, continued providing us free Blackboard Collaborate VC room generously. We were survived. At the beginning, it is a project to help rural areas, we developed to let the students learn organic agriculture, and be aware of environmental problems, including chemical pollution, and the influence of climate change to the insects and vegetable’s growing. We had a dream--- help the children own an organic garden at school campus. It’s an open book for the kids. Now, we have over 25 countries catch the dream together. We started to support other projects with the free VC room Blackboard provided. Our OG participants are used to supporting others. With Blackboard VC room, we can support different projects when our friends needed our help, we got more friendships and learned more from others. Besides, we had more special experiences on collaborations. Moreover, most of our participants have their own projects, and we are gathered to help our kids and extend our influence to make the world better. Video conference reinforced our friendship and improved the skills on developing our projects. Support is more important than promotion, that’s our OG spirit, and we got more than we paid. Though we had some trouble on different projects supports, we overcame with our passion, and people knew our goal is connect more people on environmental and educational issue. Seeing is believing, we used ICT tools to collect more people working on building our organic garden dream and realize it. It’s not a dream, we believe, and we’ll have a better future, for we educated the kids and got the help from their parents. We kept our dream work records on Youtube from 2008. That is our sweet memory and our OG history. TIG also supported us the blog. We connected with free ICT support. It keeps our project working as well. Without those free supports, we can't achieve our dream. We are so lucky to have so many people around us help us, and that's why we are keen to help others.
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Global food shortage will become the greatest crisis in the near future. We need to educate the students to treasure what we have, to maintain our environment and keep it going. In order to improve our health, we need to be aware of using chemicals, and save our food source. Respect the food and use recycling system to create a non-chemical life. Using ICT collaboration, we collect more teachers and students to work for our organic garden dream. After 2009 GJC, eTtwinning France Ambassador Eric introduced more eTwinning Ambassadors to join us, Cathy from UK, Tatjana from Slovenia, Maria from Greece, and Italian teachers Monica and Rossella, India teacher Deepak. Charles-Henri from France also connected Cecelia from Costa Rica, and Chili educational bureau to join our VC. From my different projects, more teachers would like to use ICT on collaboration. There are Sharafat from Azerbaijan; Buket, Funda and Yesim from Turkey; Nadeem from Pakistan; Zebo from Tajikistan; Alusine from Sierra Leone; Suwako from Kenya (she is a Japanese teacher who built a school in Kenya). However, Solomon islands stopped all of the educational projects forever. Amy from the States had A.L.S., passed in Oct 2011 and stopped the collaboration. The good news is Diane from iEARN may continue this mission. Virginia from Nyirrpi School Australia recovered from cancer and back to our team. Mali went through the difficulties of the coup. We were fighting with the bad circumstance and overcame it. This is a small world but big challenge. After 2009 GJC, the media in Taiwan had reports for us, and we got the support from Environmental Protection Bureau. They built a small green house for us, so that the students can do some experimental and control vegetables growing. We had a warm interview at our garden. We again united more strength. Though we had a dream to join GJC again, it’s very difficult to maintain this dream without money. The schools also focus on the student’s studying, we faced different challenges. In order to unite more strength and refresh our team, I hosted the first environmental art work competition for the kids and published postcards for the active countries. It can be our work report in these years. We had many great art works. We did catch the eyes of the schools, and let them support our organic dream.
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At the beginning, the students needed to work under sunshine, did weeding job, worked with dirt, and bad smell from the fertilizer...They were not willing to do it, but after the first harvest, things changed, and they knew no pains no gains. After they knew our voluntary interpreter Daniel from Argentina, they would like to be Daniel 2nd. He is the student's mentor. The new students learned from the old ones, they are not only interested in garden work but raised the insects they found in our garden. It is an interesting switch. Live is uncertain and vividly, even the small world in our organic vegetables garden. You never know what will happen and you even can't expect the achievement from it. It's full of challenge. We went through it, and see the future from our small world. It's amazing, and our team treasured the opportunity to work together. More and more countries joined us, and we built our organic garden dream together. During our orphan time, the old friends tried their best to help us. We are not alone. TIG supported us as usual, their co-founder Michael came to Taiwan for Microsoft speech and met my principal coincidently, it made the principal give us full support. Moreover, VC collaboration let our students learn to make good use of ICT. They became my good assistants on hosting the VC. Sometimes the parents even joined our VC on our different projects connection. The stories behind the collaboration are more attractive. We had school to school visits from 2010. Turkiye teacher, Huri, knew we would join NDYS in Turkey, they invited all of my 14 students to stay with them. This is brother and sister’s love, and changed my students a lot---some started working on NGO associations after graduating from senior high. We developed a visiting VC, like Cuba and France team. In 2011 summer, Turkey, Japan, Ukraine joined iEARN conference and visited us together. I visited Colombia in Aug. They started from recycling and united the community to work on their kids’ organic garden dream. I was so touched by the students’ parents, they are the model of our team There is no way to measure the achievement. We had lots of insect problems, weather issue...the insects always got the food before we had a harvest. As the art work competition about environment, I published for all of the participated schools. It is a good way to thank for the great efforts of our team on this project, and we got many brilliant art works as well. TaiwanFXM paid for 13 postcards for FXM students, and 11 pieces of 4G memory sticks for 11 countries. That’s also my first financial support. I know I need to find more financial support for our team, but that’s my Achilles’ heel, I need to learn. Now Elluminate Fire and Ice ex-interpreter, Tarsila from Brazil, knew our difficulties and promised to help on free seeds getting for the school gardens from rural areas. We are looking forward to working with her. I can't measure our team work, for each team has it’s own difficulties, and many of the participants already did their best to join us---to save the world environment together. We used VC to have work report once a month at the beginning, but due to climate problem, we had VC almost two months a time this year. Special activities in 2011-2012: daffodils action for Amy and UK had tomato growing competition. Also school visits became one of our activities, Rocio from Colombia visited Taiwan FXM in June 2012. She encouraged our students a lot. My students in FXM proved to join this extra activity can improve ICT skill for their studying. They got better grades than others at school. They are our pride. We had many examples from our participated schools. The teachers from the world inspired our students together. It is a team of sharing, and we enjoyed working on the mission of having better world with our influence, that’s more important than we paid.
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In 2009, our team only had 8 countries. But there's no financial support, some left, and more passionate joined. We use Blackboard VC room to have work report monthly, and TIG, eTwinning website to communicate with. We had over 30 countries catch the dream together. Monthly VC report keeps our project working, it is also the student's show time, the bridge of their work connection. VC is our favorite interaction.
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Da 3 a 6 anni
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Meno di 10.000 Euro
We asked for free VC room support from Blackboard Collaborate only. They are willing to help us. It is very difficult to ask for help, and there are more people need help in the world. Ours is volunteer work, the participants should know it and are willing to do it themselves.
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This project was from Brazil. Elluminate Fire and Ice supported Brazil and Burkina Faso, but they did not continue this work. I only had one VC with Brazil school, that is their report before I knew them, no new report. Since Elluminate had financial problem, they did not support any school after 2008. They asked me to take it over, continue the project. I invited my friends to join it. They are all from iEARN---International Education And Resource Network. We did project with the way of self-sufficient. Sometimes we asked for help from community or government technically, not economically. For example, I asked Taiwan Embassy to provide seeds for Solomon DLCP, Distance Learning Center. France Embassy helped on Cuba VC. Our school got the skills of making liquid fertilizer from a Buddhist foundation and the Environment Bureau in my county set the fertilizer system for us. 1. 2. 3. After 2009 GJC---we are in the finalist, the media had interview with my students, 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. We attracted more people on our organic garden dream. Eric introduced more eTwinning teachers to join us, they are all excellent. It is interesting, the green house from Italian team is similar to ours. It is a dream to combine more strength to achieve a better world. No matter where you are or who you are, we worked together for our land. It is the dream we developed from the original two schools Elluminate Fire and Ice eClassroom-in-a-box.
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Use ICT to connect more teachers and students, develop our dream to improve a better life, find free ICT organization to support on education. 1. Leftover recycling. 2. organic food---no chemicals 3. organic fertilizer production 4. climate change---different countries grow the same vegetables at the same time or different time to find the climate change 5. To combine the strength of community and school. 6. To find the help around us.7. Projects without economic support can still be existed. 8. Respect our food, growing vegetables with leftovers and organic way.9. Caring about our next generation and environmental issue is a must-do job. After we started to support different projects on VC, we got the love from others, found some obstructions of collaborations, and learned to have an opened mind. I think that’s more important in my career, and my students learned a lot from it as well. They are proud to have many friends and teachers from the world. It’s a small world, but big school. We enjoyed it and would like challenge the difficulties. That’s the fun of learning.
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The stories behind our collaboration are more precious. Each story has its own challenge, especially the new free VC room getting...numerous barriers. The hardest challenge will be achieved after the worst barrier. We achieved some impossible missions. From the first seeds issue in Solomon islands to Cuba team Mali and Sierra Leone had difficulties on project execution due to money issue, but they never complained, and still worked hard and achieved the mission. Colombia students had an Organic Garden dream, everyone helped them. Australia Nyirrpi students also achieved their dream---an organic garden in the desert. The students’ parents are always the key persons of the projects. That is the amazing of collaboration. In Taiwan side, my co-teacher, Sam, took care of all the financial and growing issues in FXM, and my ex-students, Jerry, solved all of my internet troubles; Human Jason, designed the logo for us, so that I can concentrate on international connection. Now I’ll have a new assistant, William, he will major in agribusiness and agriculture next semester. Elluminate Ex-interpreter, Tarsila would like to help us voluntarily. We always have new blood help us. Some of our collaborated schools had internet connection problem. The unsteady internet connection is our barrier, but we tried our best to make the student's presentation VC happen. Our final work report on May 24th 2011---Part II-Q& A is an example, helping one another is our special character. The support from Blackboard is the most important and best backup. People knew what we did, and tried their best to help us. That’s the warmest moment. When we want to do something meaningful, the whole world will help us.
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If we could, all of the teams joined the VC at a certain time. It's another challenge for 20 countries, but we made it and enjoyed routine reports with this big family. As to disconnected countries, Cuba's example is my solution. They sent me files, and I made ppt, films for them. They had a place to speak out. We had many films and ppt from different countries. We used VC to strengthen our friendship and keep the project working. That's the student's motivation, too. They had a bridge to connect the world. We are so lucky to have Blackboard Collaborate as our support. We'd like to promote more schools from rural areas to urban miracles. Organic Garden dream is a dream to solve environmental issue that we could find and to protect our only Earth. The students are the seeds we grow in our dream garden, and they will grow up naturally and prosperously, for it is organic. Next goal---over 50 countries join us. It’s not a dream. GJC helped me a lot invisibly. I knew a key teacher, Eric from GJC, and we developed our dream with more teachers from different countries. It’s like blowball, when the project is mature, all we need is a gentle breeze, it will spread and develop to the world. The future is like our model schools, Mali, Cuba, Australia and Colombia, it's bright and we enjoyed learning with the students. Let's have a better life in the future. Use our motto "Just do it" to achieve this mission. The barriers we face in the future will be always tough, but we will solve it and create more miracles together. We’ll help more teachers and students to build their own dream on different projects as well. Films can talk, I'll make more films about our team stories, and touch more people to join us on protecting our earth with organic way.
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