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1117 El@bori@mo Migliorare il processo di insegnamento/apprendimento e promuovere una partecipazione più attiva di tutti i ragazzi alla vita scolastica attraverso l’utilizzo di un linguaggio a lui più consono e pertanto più stimolante. 03/05/2014
1116 Local Problem. Global Solution The students from the local high-school situated in the neighborhood of the land plot will be able to have different types of outdoor lessons in the square. 18/01/2014
1099 Al-Haitham Our project enables the teacher to control the computer he is using in the classroom using hand gestures in the air and without the need of using the mouse or even the keyboard!. imagine how entertaining this would be specially for the kids who will be excited and totally focused, zooming into the map by using 4 fingers in the air or sliding between pages of the lesson or images will make the students really enjoying their time in the class and not waiting for the break time as usual. 18/09/2012
1089 Racconta il tuo patrimonio: "Il gigante di pietra" La fantasia e la curiosità aiutano a scoprire il territorio di appartenenza 07/08/2012
1085 eAgriculture Employing Youths and Young Farmers in Ghana Bush burning during farming seasons have become very rampant and many farm animals which are extinct in the zoos and wildlife parks are dying by young inexperienced farmers, water bodies and rivers were being polluted by these young farmers who have resulted in using farming weedicides to burn the weeds before planting, due to these pressing challenges and this was one of the key reasons for us designing this project. 07/08/2012
1084 Mobile HTML Tutorial This mobile application aids people understand the basics of HTML language. 07/08/2012
1083 Youth Technology Accelerator A virtual accelerator that helps young refugees, young migrants and young students to create viable technology venture in Sweden. 07/08/2012
1082 " REACH THE VILLEGE CHANGE THE WORLD" training the people on it through sms and meeting them at the village 06/08/2012
1081 tagCARE "We are Children who have Achievements with Responsibility to the Environment (CARE)." The students disposing of the latest technology,reach out to the Earth-a responsibility for its protection,a care to change the world and make the environment more cleaner. 05/08/2012
1080 DISACCORDI Il progetto DISACCORDI è un laboratorio musicale e multimediale che si propone di realizzare esperienze didattiche che abbiano come perno centrale l’analisi e lo studio dei rapporti tra immagine e suono, tra forme artistico-espressive e musica, nell’ambito delle crescenti interrelazioni multimediali e dei prodotti conseguenti realizzabili. 03/08/2012