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a travellling raindrop

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Our project was a combination of studying an environmental topic, the water,and writing a fairytale. The pupils studied about water problems in their area (Cyprus-water shortage, Greece-water pollution) and produced a story in 6 chapters. We used a collaborative approach and developed creativity in writing the story, in making drawings after reading the part of the story the other country wrote, in making puppets out of the characters in the story, in writing the script for the puppet show, in making clip-art animations, games, poems, calender, films etc. We used words and slogans in other languages from foreign pupils in our schools (year of intercultural dialogue). The pupils became more creative; they put more effort and learned from their partners. They developed communication and cooperation with children of another country and discovered that learning can be fun. The teachers shared ideas about teaching approaches and in coping with technical ICT problems. 
The whole project was made in Greek but parts of it was translated in English in our webside http://www.schools.ac.cy/latsia-a-dim/etwinning/ and our blog http://primaryschdimitritsi.wordpress.com/
1. Sommario progetto

Our project began as an eTwinning project . The whole work was put on the twinspace provided by eTwinning and then on our web page and our blog.                                                                                                                                                            

Teachers and pupils collaborated in the twinspace with their partners:
·        They exchanged emails, letters and cards
·        the Greek school wrote the first chapter of a story about a little water drop named Marilou and placed it in the Twinspace
·        the Cypriot school wrote the second chapter and they continued this way until the 6th chapter
·        they exchanged ideas through chat rooms  to decide how to continue and finish the story
·        each class had to illustrate the part of the story the other class wrote
·        Greece made the song and both countries sang it during school festivals.
·        Drawings that one school made could be used by the other school to make a game, a PowerPoint presentation, a clip-art, a calender and some films.
·        Different issues were discussed in the forum and children from both schools took part. Children used to write emails to the teacher or the other school to ask questions.

In the end we have produced

*a book that was a fairy tail about the little water drop Marilou who was travelling in the world trying to solve her problems about water shortage and water pollution.

* a power point presentation containing the summury of the story and many clip arts made by our students                                                                                                                                                                                          *a calender of the year 2009 with 12 images and slogans about what we can do to save earth from water pollution and water shortage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 * many films about these topics. Some of those films were shown in the Greek TV channels                                                                                                                                                                                          * puppets and script for puppet theater. We made a performace for the parents  * several games like memory game or card games. The children used to play those games during school breaks.                                                                                               

2. Paese (Città / Regione)
3. Nome dell'organizzazione che presenta il progetto
primary school
4. Tipo di organizzazione
Scegli tipo: 
5. Coordinatore del progetto
Nome e Cognome: 
Zafiris Zaproudis
6. Website
Il sito web del progetto: 
http://www.schools.ac.cy/latsia-a-dim/etwinning/ http://primaryschdimitritsi.wordpress.com/
7. Selezionate la categoria di appartenenza del vostro progetto
Youth Education Project. Select Project Users by age: 
Fino a 15 anni
Inserimento dei giovani nel mondo del lavoro: 
NOT Helping youth step in the job market
Creatività e Innovazione sociale: 
Creatività e Innovazione sociale
8. Da quando è funzionante il vostro progetto?
9. Obiettivi ed elementi di innovazione
Please explain the targets and the background of your project: 


The project is based on a major environmental problem. In Cyprus there is running water at home only three times a week due to water shortage. In Greece and in many other countries, water in rivers is polluted. In Africa many children die because of drinking dirty water.
    Making stories, songs films and slogans about water, is a fun way of learning and developing the right attitude towards a very essential issue for all. Showing this to the parents and other people with theatricals films and puppet shows also helps the whole community to become aware of these problems.
Children from other classes could write new stories about water, maybe with animals that suffer also from water problems.
 So the project could be expanded, continued and interest every school in the world.

Come, e con quali mezzi cerca di raggiungere gli obiettivi prefissati: 


The pupils by the end of the project
·        Became aware of water-related environmental problems in our planet.
·        Developed the right attitude towards water waste and water pollution.
·        Became familiar with using computers for communication and learning
·        Learned about  e-safety (they covered their faces in the pictures) and about not using somebody else’s work (they made their own pictures and clip-art).
·        Got to know children coming from a very different background, developed friendship and learned to co-operate with them.
·        Developed their writing skills (story, script, poems, songs, letters, cards)
·        Became more creative and had the satisfaction that someone was seeing their work
·        Discovered learning can be fun.
Pupils from Russia, Lithuania, Georgia, and Armenia that study in our schools, had the chance to write slogans about water in their own language. Their parents came to school and told us about water problems they face in their countries. (Intercultural dialogue).

Many people were interested in our project as we had many comments in our blog, wich shows how our work affected the whole community.

Quali opportunità/problemi affronta: 

We think that we have to show to the whole world that it is time to face our planet`s problems and do something about them. Water shortage and water pollution are very serious problems and we must solve them as soon as possible.

Please explain what is unique or special in your project: 

Our project began as a school project but it has developed quickly into a community topic which affects everybody, parents, teachers, relatives, friends, all the people who want to do something for our earth before it is too late... The key for that was that our work was made by computers and it was placed on internet, so everybody could see it and take part to it. For example we took invitations and we  presented our work to teachers seminars, to local environmental festivals, we sent our films to TV news ect.

10. Risultati
Describe the results of your project as per today: 

 already described

In che misura risponde ai bisogni degli utenti: 

already described

Quanti utenti interagiscono con il progetto mensilmente e in quale modo: 

There are 18 children from Cyprus and 18 from Greece. Most of them work for our project more than 6 times per month using computers.

Descrivete in quale modo il progetto contribuisce a migliorare l'educazione e la formazione dei giovani: 

already described

Descrivete in quale modo il progetto ha ottimizzato la partecipazione di professionisti, ragazzi, giovani o altri soggetti: 

already described

Descrivete in quale modo il progetto favorisce l'uso delle nuove tecnologie da parte di professionisti, ragazzi e giovani per lo sviluppo culturale e didattico: 

already described

Descrivete i criteri che usate per misurate i risultati raggiunti dal vostro progetto: 

already described

11. Sostenibilità
Indicate la durata complessiva del progetto: 
Da 1 a 3 anni
Is your project economically self sufficient now: 
12. Trasferibilità
Il progetto è stato replicato/adattato altrove: 


For this project both schools from Cyprus and Greece received quality labels from eTwinning in February and March 08 and the European Quality Label last July 08. It was one of the finalist projects in Prague in February 2009 in the eTwinning European Prizes
Che cosa possono imparare altri soggetti dal vostro progetto: 

already described

Siamo disponibili ad aiutare altri soggetti a sviluppare progetti o a migliorare progetti esistenti: 
Siamo disponibili ad aiutare altri soggetti a sviluppare progetti o a migliorare progetti esistenti.
13. Informazioni aggiuntive

Both Greece and Cyprus have worked equally as partners for this project. We do not have sponsorships, and apart from the teachers and the students, for this project have also worked some of the parents.


We did not know how to use computers but we all have learned a lot by helping each other. Teachers, students and parents we were all equal, if somebody know something, he showed it to the others ....


already described

Future plans and wish list: 

We would like to publish our whole work in a book and give it to all public libraries in Greece and Cyprus as a first step because the work is done in Greek and then we could translate that book in English and send it to as many libraries as possible, but this dream takes a lot of money and we are now trying to find some sponsors.

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