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The paradox of choice

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           Our project points out  two main problems that people confront every day: choice and happiness. We wanted to give a new perspective on what concerns making a choice and the effects of choosing.

1. Sommario progetto


The projects’ idea was born in one of my students’ mind after watching an interview on You Tube. He shared the idea with me and some colleagues of him and we all agreed that the problem of choice is an interesting and complex one. So, we started to analyze that matter from different angles and made research on Internet (and not only). We also discussed with our schools’ psychologist, with a psychology teacher and a reporter. Also, we conceived a questionnaire which we have applied at school, on other students. The result of all that was a website which put together our survey, interviews, information filtered by their minds, a funny game made by one of them, very talented Flash designer and programmer, a personality test (with original questions and interpretation) and a quiz.
We have tried to find answers for some questions like:
           -Does choice mean freedom?
           -Which are the facts that influence our choices?
           -What steps should we follow in order to take a good decision?
Main topics:
 - Introduction to psychology and choice - which contains general notions about psychology and philosophy and the relation between these two and the problem of choice. You can find short definitions and explanations of free will, will, responsibility, compulsion and choice.
 - The paradox of choice - explains how such a simple matter can turn into a very complicated problem.
 - Synthetic happiness - no matter how unimportant a consequence of choice is, it influences our happiness. This part explains the differences between natural and synthetic happiness.
2. Paese (Città / Regione)
3. Nome dell'organizzazione che presenta il progetto
Grup Scolar "Vasile Sav"
4. Tipo di organizzazione
Scegli tipo: 
5. Coordinatore del progetto
Nome e Cognome: 
Monica Hulea
6. Website
Il sito web del progetto: 
7. Selezionate la categoria di appartenenza del vostro progetto
Youth Education Project. Select Project Users by age: 
Fino a 29 anni
Inserimento dei giovani nel mondo del lavoro: 
NOT Helping youth step in the job market
Creatività e Innovazione sociale: 
Creatività e Innovazione sociale
8. Da quando è funzionante il vostro progetto?
9. Obiettivi ed elementi di innovazione
Please explain the targets and the background of your project: 


The students will:
-enhance their communication skills in a foreign language,
-enhance their research techniques and their abilities to interpret data, modeling it into diagrams and original articles, stories, drawings, videos,
-learn to work together and divide tasks considering everyone’s abilities and talents,
-develop ICT skills of students (learn to design a website, to use new web-design tools, to make Excel diagrams, videos, etc.)
Come, e con quali mezzi cerca di raggiungere gli obiettivi prefissati: 


The website’s purpose is to inform people about the problem of choice.
Choice may seem unimportant at first sight, but the consequences can sometimes be very harsh. We realized that people don’t give enough importance to their choices, often treating this problem with superficiality.
 Maybe the most significant consequence of a succession of bad choices is suicide. This can be prevented by informing, by giving up of being selfish and self-centered, and being nears the ones which need help. Being indifferent is the same thing with being an accomplice to this act.
Please explain what is unique or special in your project: 


We have realized a website that presents the problem of choice and some related abstract notions in an attractive manner, through the animated pictures used for the examples, the interactive (and very funny) game and the video interview. We also have made a quiz that verifies what people understood from our project and an original personality test (we have made the items and the interpretation).
10. Risultati
Describe the results of your project as per today: 


By developing that site, students have grown their web-design, computer programming and graphic design skills they will need in their future careers. They also have improved their English language skills so they could transcend language, knowledge and culture barriers in order to create a project that have a universal message which concerns people of different ages, social statuses and nationalities.
In che misura risponde ai bisogni degli utenti: 


By informing about the problem of choice and the effects of choosing in a very attractive and interactive manner, making connections with psychology, biology, history and philosophy.
Descrivete in quale modo il progetto contribuisce a migliorare l'educazione e la formazione dei giovani: 


By developing that site, in order to make it very attractive and interactive, students were stimulated to learn to use  web-design and graphic tools and complex software. Also, they stimulated the interest of their colleagues and other students in school (to whom we presented their project) to learn create websites and participate in competitions.
Descrivete in quale modo il progetto ha ottimizzato la partecipazione di professionisti, ragazzi, giovani o altri soggetti: 


We got involved in our project another one hundred students of our school who answered to our questionnaire, sharing with us their opinions. After finishing the project, we have presented to them our work’s results.
Encouraged by our success ( our project was awarded in the 2008 eLearning Awards competition with “Microsoft Award for eLiteracy” ), another students got involved in other projects.
Descrivete in quale modo il progetto favorisce l'uso delle nuove tecnologie da parte di professionisti, ragazzi e giovani per lo sviluppo culturale e didattico: 

           Creating the website we have used some programs with the purpose of making a very attractive, dynamic and interactive site. We’ve created animated examples, a quiz, a personality test and a funny game .

Descrivete i criteri che usate per misurate i risultati raggiunti dal vostro progetto: 


We measured the projects’ success through the award we received at eLearning Awards competition and the interest showed by other students to our project.
11. Sostenibilità
Indicate la durata complessiva del progetto: 
Meno di 1 anno
12. Trasferibilità
Il progetto è stato replicato/adattato altrove: 


We presented our project to other students in our school. Also, by the registration in the eLearning Awards competition, we opened our project to all teachers and students participants in that European competition.
Che cosa possono imparare altri soggetti dal vostro progetto: 


This project  helps people to understand the way psychology works, how they should evaluate their options before actually making decisions.
We also wanted to remind people some bad choices made by influent people that changed the course of history. We hope that thinking at those choices people will take wiser decisions in such a way that bad things like wars or Holocaust never happen.
Siamo disponibili ad aiutare altri soggetti a sviluppare progetti o a migliorare progetti esistenti: 
Siamo disponibili ad aiutare altri soggetti a sviluppare progetti o a migliorare progetti esistenti.
13. Informazioni aggiuntive


The project was born from a student idea and it was developed by and with students. The students’ team was made from five students who actually worked directly on that project, making research, taking interviews, elaborating the content and making the website. We had also one hundred student collaborators who participated to our survey.
We worked at school, at home, we discussed also after classes.
We started to figure out what we have to do, so the second thing was dividing the tasks for everyone in the team.
Each member of the team brought his own ideas that blended into a final product.
We have tried to put our students’ unique abilities, gifts and talents at work. Some of them made research, others wrote original articles, made videos and drawings, others took interviews and conducted a questionnaire among their colleagues (followed by interpreting the results and making Excel diagrams), other created a website which put together all their work.
Future plans and wish list: 


We hope our project  will be used all over the world so that people can reflect about the problem of choice.
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