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Travelling with our e-story

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9 kindergartens create one οn - line story which will be the synthesis as much as many pupils ideas.

1. Sommario progetto

Each school had one month to develop and keep going on the story from the previous partner. Global values like: Equality, Friendship, Freedom, Love, Loyalty, Brotherhood, Kindness, Tolerance etc, was chosen as points of reference and a source of ideas from each partner to develop their own part of the story.
Each school could chose what value they liked to be their main idea on which they developed their part keeping 2 common characters for all partners: a Dog! and a kid..
But being flexible we were also open to new story characters as we did it finally.

This project has 2 main parts:
A./ The development of the on-line story on the platform of WIKISPACE: http://travellingstory.wikispaces.com/

B. The presentation and dissemination of the educational procedure each school followed to achieve its targets and the interaction was developed among the 9 schools through the year in a BLOG: http://bloggydoggy.edublogs.org/

Part A:
Each partner had to upload its part ( we suggested: a short text with 4-5 illustrations ..this could be a various kinds of ART : using on the Paint, a hand drawing, handicrafts or whatever pupils liked ) in the 3rd week of its month like this: 1/October: GR 2./November: AT 3./ December: BG 4./ January: DE 5./February: FR 6./March: ES 7./April: UK 8./May: LV 9./June: PT
The whole story was created gradually by the pupils and uploaded on the WIKI by the teachers.
We also built a Blog where all partners exchanged info, various activities concerning highlights from the Dog arrived* in each country, comments about their work, favourite music & songs, pupil’s voices recorded, short videos etc.. offering one more interactive way of action to all partners..
*Through the year we also made gradually - all together- a travelling Dog-doll .. each partner added some extra materials on the received Dog. They kept it for 3 weeks and then, they sent it to the next partner school.

Part B:
Here we tried to show how a Blog can be an interactive tool among 9 schools..
We suggested some activities but finally as you may see all partners made much more inspired from each other’s work..

1./ post a funny photo of your class for knowing each other..
2./ comment a photo showing a class activity..
3./send your Christmas wishes with craft..
4./ sing a traditional song you like..
5./ show how you celebrate the carnival at your area..
6./use Bubbleshare and present your neighbourhood ..
7./ Look at the others’ presentation about ‘neighbourhood’ ask and learn from the others..
8./ Share what else you like , try to make a post by ‘yourself’

2. Paese (Città / Regione)
Kaparelli -THIVA - VIOTIA
3. Nome dell'organizzazione che presenta il progetto
Kindergarten of Kaparelli
4. Tipo di organizzazione
Scegli tipo: 
Istituzione pubblica
5. Coordinatore del progetto
Nome e Cognome: 
Anna Karidi Pirounaki
6. Website
Il sito web del progetto: 
7. Selezionate la categoria di appartenenza del vostro progetto
Youth Education Project. Select Project Users by age: 
Fino a 10 anni
Inserimento dei giovani nel mondo del lavoro: 
NOT Helping youth step in the job market
Creatività e Innovazione sociale: 
Creatività e Innovazione sociale
8. Da quando è funzionante il vostro progetto?
9. Obiettivi ed elementi di innovazione
Please explain what is unique or special in your project: 

We consider as a real quality of our project the following:

• 9 public kindergartens using the ICT and web 2.0 to create one on-line story together..

• Some pupils 5-6 years old managed to be real Bloggers and post alone by themselves : http://vod.sch.gr/video/view/652.html?lng

• Pupils and teachers paid a serious attention on people with special abilities/needs...It was agreed to be narrated this on-line story into their native language by the pupils and in English by the teachers so that people with less vision ability may have an access to this. We added a special sign for it on each page on our book at wikispace.

10. Risultati
Describe the results of your project as per today: 

The benefits from this project were enough and in many levels.. e.g at the parents, at the local community, among other teachers, inspiration for a farther follow up..etc.. but luck of space we will focus at pupils and teachers level...
To pupils
• They learnt about the Blogs and improved themselves using it often
• They found out how wikispace can be a common area of work with many partners discovering the fun of a multi partnership having one common target which connects them
• The often use of the Blog, lead pupils to an interactive learning procedure on an indoor level as well as from a distance one.
• They became aware about the traps as surfers of the Internet, with learning by doing, and they developed the appropriate attitudes being good users.
• They knew 9 different countries, languages, habits and some local customs
• They realized what is the same what is different in a school level and in social one.
• Through this project pupils realized the need of the acceptance and the respect to the diversity and to the tolerance, recognizing them like new values in their lives.
• The use of new web 2 tools brought them joy and fun in learning

To teachers
• They tried new challenges with a success with the use of new tools of ICT
• They learnt by doing new ways of teaching and dissemination of their school experience and work
• They realized that the co-operating learning is worth it also at teachers level because you may achieve easier your targets and you discover that knowledge is better to share it instead to keep it as a ‘secret’ in your school.

Descrivete in quale modo il progetto favorisce l'uso delle nuove tecnologie da parte di professionisti, ragazzi e giovani per lo sviluppo culturale e didattico: 

Through all the project activities, the pupils learnt what Blog and Bloggers mean, while some pupils tried and succeeded to post by the themselves photos and simple familiar words.
They used the wikispace to see their work and to explore the other’s work, they learnt how to use a digital camera and take good shots and short videos, they recorded their voice, used Word but most the Paint for the project needs.
The teachers –without being special ICT teachers- handled efficient the use of the new web 2 tools and they did a real fact the moto: “learning from each other” so that, they managed to integrate this project through : Audacity, Movie maker, Bubbleshare, Rockyou, slideshare, Myplick, Animoto, Onetruemadia, Google video etc.

11. Sostenibilità
Indicate la durata complessiva del progetto: 
Da 1 a 3 anni
12. Trasferibilità
Il progetto è stato replicato/adattato altrove: 

It was the cause for a new collaboration ...a new proejct about eco- clay - animation among the same partners

Che cosa possono imparare altri soggetti dal vostro progetto: 

How to learn together..
how to learn from each other...
how to choose new tools of ICT...
how to organise multi-partnerships..
how to bring creativity in the classroom..
how pedagogy can be fun.

Siamo disponibili ad aiutare altri soggetti a sviluppare progetti o a migliorare progetti esistenti: 
Siamo disponibili ad aiutare altri soggetti a sviluppare progetti o a migliorare progetti esistenti.
13. Informazioni aggiuntive

We started our collaboration between 2 partners : Portugal and Greece Sept. 2006 ...
Next year we expanded this with 2 more schools…and this project was the outcome of 9 partner schools

Future plans and wish list: 

Every year we manage to improve ourselves and our pupils various skills , so we will keep going this partnership as long as we can with new innovative ideas and good practices. We really enjoy to work in the framework of the e-twinning, because it's so flexible, so far from any bureaucracy and for this reason so much effective!

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