100 Projects Already Registered

Tue, 16/06/2009

Implemented and currently operational around the word … from Bulgaria to Zambia

One school constructed a perfectly working oven prototype, an NGO designed an open source platform addressing second-generation young immigrants, a teacher with the help of a speech therapist programmed a free software application for children with linguistic problems …
The first one hundred projects that have been registered for the Global Junior Challenge fully reflect the spirit of the international competition: the strategic use of new ICT technology as a “social accelerator” for education, the diffusion of knowledge, solidarity, the reduction of the social divide and inter-cultural cooperation.
The deadline for presenting projects to the Global Junior Challenge is July 31st 2009. Projects may be presented by schools and universities, public and private institutions, cooperatives and cultural associations, enterprises and private citizens. The projects will be divided into separate categories, based on the age of the beneficiaries addressed.
During the course of four editions, jury experts have evaluated more than 2000 projects from all around the world; more than 24,000 individuals from 70 countries have participated in the exhibitions, meetings and award ceremonies. More than two and a half million clicks from the www.e-inclusionsite.org site have financed projects in poor countries.
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