Interview Corner

Starts again the initiative of the Global Junior Challenge "Vote the more interesting interview of the Global Junior Challenge"!
Our aim is to keep in touch with the protagonists of our competition, to know better their experiences in the past and what has changed after their participation to the Global Junior Challenge!!!
This initiative allows us to know us much more of you and to analyze in depth the projects that participated, but above all it gives us the opportunity to appreciate their evolution and their development... which were the benefits and the advantages from their participation to the GJC... their forthcoming plans and future perspectives... a sort of "Global Junior Challenge and then"...
During my monthly newsletter I'll publish an interview to one of the projects that participated in the past edition and or that have applied for the new one... the web site contains a voting mechanism that will give you the chance to vote your best interview and story!
If you want to be interviewed, you can write to Silvia Celani and you will be contacted before you can say knife!!! So what are you waiting... take part to this new and challenging initiative of the Global Junior Challenge!