Global Junior Challenge Award

Roman Wolf The Global Junior Challenge is an initiative of the Municipality of Rome, conceived and implemented by the Digital World Foundation. The intention of the award, now in its fourth edition, is to identify and reward best innovative practices in the use of information and communication technologies for education, solidarity and international collaboration in the path towards a more e-inclusive knowledge society.

The Global Junior Challenge takes place within the context of the e-inclusion 2008 programme –the European Commission’s Information Society programme for the promotion of an inclusive knowledge society. More precisely, the aim of the Global Junior Challenge is to encourage the young generations and their teachers to make effective use of the new technology, engage in the exchange and sharing of experiences and emulate successful initiatives of clear educational and social value. In this sense, the Global Junior Challenge represents a unique and stimulating occasion for teachers and students to ponder about the importance of the challenge posed by 21st century education, and the role of technology in social integration, sustainable development and the elimination of poverty in the world. It o_ers them an extraordinary panorama both because of the exciting variety of participants and because of the quality and innovation of the solutions propounded.

The GJC 2007 edition –as part of its general objective to diffuse good practices in the use of multimedia systems and internet in education and training and in favour of the battle against poverty and social exclusion in the world- launches a new challenge, namely, the promotion of a series of activities aimed at fostering the development of youth’s creativity, including the Rome-Singapore twinning on youth creativity in the multimedia animation sector.

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Winners of Global Junior Challenge 2007

The Global Junior Challenge 2007 has been a great success with 600 participating projects from 70 countries world-wide! The jury selected 102 finalist projects in 7 categories and a total of 22 Awards were given to projects at the Awards Ceremony held in the Rome City Hall on 5 th October. The finalist projects took part in the Global Junior Challenge Exhibition & Conference in Rome from 3 to 4 October. Congratulations to everyone who has participated to the Challenge this year!

Meet the winners of Global Junior Challenge 2007

Read the speech to finalists by Prof. Alfonso Molina, President of Global Junior Challenge Jury.